Establishing your Company in Spain

Company establishment services in Spain:

What do we do?

We prepare and accompany companies that want to establish themselves in Spain in their legal and tax implementation procedures (lawyers and accounting experts) and in their own business (consultants).

How do we do it?

  • Analysing the reality of our clients to adapt it to the new situation of the country.

  • Studying the sectorial situation and the competition for our clients.

  • Advising on the financing needs of projects in Spain and accompanying the client before financial entities.

  • Accompanying the client in the realization of the business and financial plan and the adaptation to its objectives in Spain, analyzing costs, strategy, human resources, administrative, accounting and tax aspects and other subjects.

  • If the strategy involves the acquisition of another local company, we assist our clients by performing legal, economic and financial due diligence.

Our mission:

To go hand in hand with our client from their decision to establish themselves in the Spanish market and being at their side in making strategic and tactical decisions in the short and medium term.