Project Description


Our Family Law department has extensive experience in defending the interests of our clients who are involved in a family crisis.

At globalpacta we are aware of the intimate and special nature of the matters covered by Family Law and we handle them with sensitivity. For this reason, we are committed to seeking quick, fair solutions that safeguard interpersonal relationships.

National and international separations and divorces.

Regulation of the stable coexistence of a couple.

Civil and ecclesiastic matrimonial invaliditiy.

Exercise of individual and shared custody. Parental responsibility.

Kinship, adoptive kinship.

Prenuptial and post-matrimonial agreements, pacts as a precaution against cessation of cohabitation.

Liquidation of matrimonial financial provisions.

Disability, guardianship, tutorship and de facto custody.

Cohabitational relationships for mutual assistance and naming of participants.

Administration of protected estates.

Declarations of abandonment.