Project Description


Our Financial Consultancy department covers the following action areas:

Financial control department

Application of a cost system to detect profitable services and products, optimum pricing and contribution margins.

Establishment and monitoring of the most significant indicators for taking improvement decisions.

Implementation of a balanced scorecard to give management an overview of the business, establish objectives and achieve optimisation.

Strategic and operational analysis of the company aimed at defining objectives orientated towards the optimisation, monitoring and internal control of the business.

Company Viability Plan, setting the cost-covering and debt repayment capacity.

Assessment in the face of a possible acquisition or sale of the company.

Area of business accompaniment

Financial management externalisation.

Administrative processes improvement.

Internal control of assets, inventory, insurance coverage, documentation control in the acquisition.

Quality cost implementation in order to reduce the cost of internal and external errors through prevention and evaluation.

Budgets by departments, on an overall and individual level.

Financing search area

To seek financing from public authorities (ENISA, CDTI, ICF), financial institutions, thanks to the network of contacts established with the principal credit institutions, or from the private capital, through crowdfunding platforms.

Monitoring, search and selection of subsidies.