Project Description


At globalpacta we know that the workplace can generate a wide variety of incidents.

The aim of the Labour department is to respond to all those incidents that occur in the workplace:

Representation of our clients before the court in any judicial proceedings and in company – worker disputes.

Disciplinary dismissal, the objectives and dossiers for collective dismissal proceedings (ERE).

Administrative and judicial claims for wages and other unpaid concepts.

Temporary and permanent disability and reviews of degree of disability.

Work-related accidents, occupational illnesses and permanent non-disabling injuries.

Administrative and judicial claims for Social Security and Employment benefits.

Legal assessment and legal challenges to transfers and relocations.

Challenges to workplace harassment procedures of an indemnifiable nature.

Administrative and judicial appeals against labour sanctions of any kind.

Public Administration workers.

Subrogation of workers and transfer of companies.

Recognition of professional category and wage claims.