Project Description


At globalpacta  we know that a wide variety of incidents can occur in the workplace.

Our lawyers and economists will apply their extensive experience to providing the most suitable response to the particular circumstances of each case, effectively resolving any conflicts that may arise.

Representation of our clients’ interests before Public Institutions.

Labour audits, carrying out an in-depth analysis of the structural and legal situation of the human resources department.

Information on the obligation to implement the Workplace Health and Safety and Risk Prevention System..

Enrolment of the company in the Social Security Institute and the affiliation of its workers, as well as the affiliation of the self-employed.

Workers’ contracts, extensions, contracts and modifications.

Payroll and social security payment preparation.

Company settlements and certificates.

Medical sick leave due to illness or accident.

Sanction and dismissal letters.

Preparation of the Quarterly Workers’ Withholding Tax (Form 110) and the corresponding Annual Summary (Form 190).

Annual certificates of income and withholdings.