Project Description


Our food safety consulting department covers the following areas of action:

Design, Integration and Implementation of Agri-Food Security System

APPCC, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, Agri-Food Fraud, Sandach Regulation.

We evaluate and develop the processes, procedures and records, integrating them in the Management Systems of the Organization.

We implement or supervise the system.

Risk Analysis

We carry out Risk Analysis in Agri-Food Security of the Agri-Food Security Systems and of the Organization. The analysis extends to the Criminal Compliance System of the Agri-food Sector.

Internal audits and Part audits

We carry out internal audits for those organizations that want to contrast the effectiveness of their systems and as part of the process of maintenance or obtaining certification.

We carry out part audits commissioned by our clients to suppliers or third parties.

Certifications in agri-food safety

We evaluate and develop the processes, procedures and registers necessary for different certifications related to the agri-food sector.

Tailor-made training for each client

We design the training of the implementation process and the additional training, with or without implementation process, in a specific way for each client or group.

Proceedings before Public Administrations

We prepare and present to the Public Administrations the applications, reports and documents necessary for each organization.

Agri-Food consultancy

Supervision of laboratory results, incidents and Control Plan.

Diagnosis of the productive organization and improvement plan.

Design and implementation of a Commercial Plan for the organization.

Support for Internationalization and Foreign Trade.